“Many of the animals I photograph and paint have their own personality, charm and even humor… my hope is to share that personality with the viewer.”

Kitty Johnson hails from Tidewater Virginia where her appreciation for natural beauty was forged on the banks of the James River. Life on the edge-water instilled a contemplative perspective from which to view and interpret nature that has influenced her art throughout her life. As a Loudoun resident, her keen eye turned to the bucolic grandeur of her rural surroundings. Her art visually reflects a natural purity that is often missed in the day to day frenetic pace that now drives the Loudoun lifestyle. Kitty’s passion for animals leads her to look deeply into still life moments from fields and paddocks to reveal emotive scenes. Her art captures the distinct presence that exists behind the eyes of animals particularly in the farm settings that represent a way of life as it reemerges in sustainable ways.